Watch this video to learn how to use, create and share a Google Jamboard.

 Click here to download the materials used in this video.

This is a free web tool for handwriting worksheet making. The style I usually use is this one which has a starting point for each letter:

This is a great website for flashcards. You can create your own sets of flashcards or adapt from others. Once created, there will be different exercises and games being generated automatically. Teachers can also use Quizlet live for in-class group activities.

Google Map Generator

For specific locations. Can generate embed code.

Pixel Map Generator

Countries and provinces/states. Can be downloaded for free.

Some great free web tools to download videos:



Convert PDF files to jpeg while keep the resolution.

Libre Office

Free tool to convert Word files to Fillable PDF files


Free tool to convert PDF files to Fillable PDF files

Don’t know how to pronunce a word? Search it here:

QR code generator

Great free features including web URL, YouTube video, Google map, contact info. 

To help your learner understand how QR codes work:

WeChat Users

Android Users

iPhone Users

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